Tannual Vandenburger (2016- )

In 2016, Tanner Vandenberg invited Baha, along with long-time friends, to a barbeque at the Vandenberg farm. The idea was to hold a reunion at least once a year. The only request: BYOB (Bring Your Own Buns). Along with creating the name and brand identity, Baha gave branded tees to each guest. Big mistake.

By 2017, the tees and their respective wearers had spread throughout Canadian colleges, creating a mythical energy around the event. By that summer, the guest list tripled by demand and the Tannual Vandenburger turned into a full-blown festival.

In 2018, the event introduced carnival rides and live music acts. The only way to get admitted is if you are invited by a guest. Each year, Baha invites his highest paying client as a thank you for their business.


The tee that started it all.


TV Poster (2016)


TV Poster (2017)


TV Poster (2018)