Five Alive is an on-going set of auto-biographical lists limited to five entries.

Five Earliest Memories

1. Dropping a Sesame Street toy in the Marineland parking lot and not knowing the words to ask my parents to pick it up.

2. Sniffing the plastic of The Lion King VHS case.

3. The episode of Friends where Ross gets a monkey.

4. Getting scared of Marge Simpson during the Treehouse of Horror VIII episode.

5. Sarah crying in front of the whole class after she is caught stealing dinosaur stickers.

Five Scary Faces I See Before I Fall Asleep

1. The demon dog from the Goosebumps intro.

2. The main cat from CATS.

3. The alien from Signs.

4. The girl from The Exorcist.

5. The girl from The Ring.

Five Questions I Asked Before Google

1. Why does the only bad lion in The Lion King have brown skin and black hair, like me?

2. Do old cars only play old music?

3. Why does that boy have an earring? 

4. Why does my great-grandmother smell like rotten eggs?

5. Does Mrs. Maria sleep at school?

Five Famous People I've Smiled At, And They Smiled Back

1. Kelley Deal, Fererra

2. Mark Duplass, Toronto

3. Zach Braff, New York City

4. Penn & Teller, Vegas

5. Yo-Yo Ma, Philadelphia

Five Random Acts That Annoy Me For No Other Reason Than "Because."

1. Joni Mitchell singing over Neil Young's set in The Last Waltz.

2. People who clap when airplanes land.

3. People who clap in between pushups.

4. Burping.

5. Taking pictures of the descriptions in museum pieces.